What is CTA18?
The Call to Action Conference 2018 is Unbounce’s 5th annual marketing conference held in Vancouver, Canada from August 27-29. Its goal is to educate, connect, and empower over 1,000 attendees to grow their business by providing fresh, actionable marketing content.

Join the Marketing Revolution
This year we created a strong theme around the “Marketing Revolution,” as the marketing landscape is on the cusp of a massive transformation. We were heavily inspired by the Russian Avant-Garde and its use of hands as a symbol to represent empowerment, unity, and action—some of the values which inspire and guide the intention behind both Unbounce and CTA18 .content.
Art Direction & Illustration: Cesar Martinez
Interactive & Graphic Design: Ainara Sainz
Design & Motion Graphics: Federico Maksimiuk 
Copywriter: Hayley Mullen
Producer: Charlene Ditch
Project Manager: Leslie Ty​​​​​​​
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