I'm a Vancouver-based Product Designer at Dapper Labs. 
I teach design strategy at Vancouver Film School, give talks at conferences, and volunteer at international nonprofits as I advocate for creating social good.
I currently champion end-to-end feature design for new products on the blockchain (Have you heard of NBA Top Shot?) - everything from defining product strategy and success metrics to prototyping and user testing.
Still, branding will always be my first love, and I never pass up an interesting opportunity to wield my creativity in a freelance capacity.

M Y   V A L U E S 

🦄 Insatiably curious
I l-o-v-e what I do, and I love getting better at it! From deciphering design puzzles to creating emotion-driven brands to building (and rebuilding) experiences from scratch, I find inspiration in the unexpected.

✨ Low on ego, heavy on collaboration
The most fulfilling (and fun) work has happened while navigating uncharted territories within multidisciplinary teams. I believe strong collaboration and diverse perspectives are the keys to developing unique, innovative solutions.

✏️ Community-oriented
Cultivating honest relationships with my peers, clients, and students and sharing my processes and learnings is my way to give back to the creative community and mentor emerging designers.

🌿 Guided by purpose
I feel deeply responsible for improving people's lives through my work. I believe design is a noble profession that should always aim to generate a meaningful impact on our planet and society.

A W A R D S  &  A C H I E V E M E N T S

SportTechie Awards  | NBA Top Shot - Outstanding Fan Engagement  |  2022
Galaxy Store Awards  | NBA Top Shot - Most Innovative App  |  2020
Latin American Design Awards  | CTA 18 - Silver Medal  |  2019
Adobe InDesign | Join the Revolution Booklet - Featured  |  2019
HOW International Design Awards | CTA 18 - Merit Award  |  2018
AIGA | Destroy Yourself - Featured  |  2018
Adobe Illustrator | Call to Action Conference - Featured  |  2018
AIGA | PPC Week - Featured  |  2017
The Rookies | Frame - Web & Mobile Winner  |  2016
Applied Arts Student Magazine | Frame - Mobile Winner  |  2016
Vancouver Film School | Frame - Best Graduate Project  |  2016
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