The #1 reason Unbounce customers haven't used our latest features is that they didn’t even know they exist.
We launched a multi-channel campaign with the goal of increasing our feature's awareness to 90% among
customers after two months of launch.
Our friends from Noravera were behind all the destruction madness, producing directing and pretty much doing all the messy stuff ;)
Sometimes you need to destroy who you are to become who you're meant to be
We worked closely with the production studio, Noravera, to create a video far from our traditional work. We decided to blow things up. Scene after scene we portrayed the concept of destruction that ended up leading to a“big finale” where we reveal how we reinvented ourselves as a company and the impact that this has brought to our product.​​​​​​​

Behind the Scenes

VFX Effects
Art Direction

Show, Don't Tell
We decided to not only talk about our new tools but to show them across all our assets. We produced animations, edited photographs and created clean iconography to communicate the power behind our new tools easily.
After only two months of launching our campaign we ended up generating over 20k video views with a play rate of 65%, increased customer awareness of Unbounce's sticky bars and popups by 51% and drove our adoption rate from 6% to 14%.​​​​​​​
More Details
Art Direction | Cesar Martinez
Design Lead | Ainara Sainz
Campaign Strategy | Justin Tsang, Maggie Crowley,
Amy Wood, Alexa Hubley & Luis Francisco 
Production Studio | Noravera
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